Today, I Reflect….My 47th Birthday

Today, I reflect…..

Today’s my 47th Birthday
I have lived 47 years longer than doctors ever said I would.

Today 47 years ago, I was pronounced dead in my mom’s womb.
My mom gave birth to me, I was number 3 of the stillborns.

My mom screamed out for the doctors to save me.
They said if they did, “I would be blind, retarded, couldn’t walk, talk or write! I would be useless!”
My mom still persisted.

See, I was breached, which means I was going to be born butt first instead of head.
The doctors turned me around inside my mom womb.
When they did, it caused me to have a bowel movement and ingest it.
Then in I got hung on my umbilical cord.

Doctors were not sure which one caused me to die.
But I was dead!

But God brought me to life.
For he placed a nurse in the operating room that knew what to do!

As I grew up, I have had health problems left and right
I have had 27 surgeries or maybe more, I stopped counting.
Doctors every year would say, “I would not live another year.”

Finally on my 18th Birthday they said, “they didn’t know how long I would live but they didn’t believe I would live past my 30th.”

I’m still here!

I have died before in a car accident,
But God told me I wasn’t finished so he sent me back

Several years ago I was told I would have a month to live, then 2 hours to live
I’m still here!

I look back not to be sad, but
Say, “Wow. Papa God you are so amazing! I have come so far and will, until you came and get me. I know & see that all things are possible for those that believe in Jesus!”

As you can see by reading this, I can read & write!
I can build computers from scratch, which is fun to me!
I can walk, talk and sing!
All of this is because of Papa God!

No matter what we are going through in life Papa God is there and He loves us!

My desire is for Papa is to use me to help others…

Through my testimony

I can’t imagine what Papa, Jesus & I will be doing in the next 47 years or so
I know the future is bright!

My mom would go on and have a total of 3 children living, that includes me!

The Valleys & Mountians

Good Sunday Morning,
Lovely Ones!

I pray that each of you have a Blessed & Wonderful Day.
I ask Jesus to reveal God & Himself to you, today. To show you that even in the mist of trials, He is there! Know that God is making a way for you. So just hold on, as you walk through the dark valley. He is guiding you. Don’t allow Satan to play mind games with you. Lean in/press in on Jesus as you walk through this valley. As you walk through the valley try to find beautiful things that God places along the way and focus on them. He is showing you that He is there with you!

Just as we travel to the mountains, to get a view from above. We have to travel through the valleys. Sometimes the valley is very dry and ugly and then there are some beautiful valleys with meadows. Now we don’t want to stay too long or we will miss what’s on top of the mountain!

That is the same in life!
Keep Movin

As a Follower Of Christ

As a Followers of Christ
We have to decide,
if we are going take our Cross and be persecuted or lay it down for the fear of persecution as Satan would for love for us to do!

Are you willing to lose everything for the sake of Jesus?

No man but God himself or your own self can keep you from praying or preaching for people out in the open or even at a job.

Remember the Pharisees told the disciples not to preach in the name of Jesus.
The disciples did not listen!
So are you going to do the same?

I myself will pick up my Cross and Follow Jesus, even if that means losing my life, family or job for the sake of Jesus, My Lord, My God and My Savior!!

Father God!

Father God,
Thank you for loving me and wanting me, before I knew you!
Thank you for your patience, when I’ve had none!
Thank your for your guidance in my life, even when I thought You were wrong!

Father, just thank you for all you do for me.
Sometimes I don’t understand why things happen..
I know You know all things and nothing surprises You!

Right now I don’t understand why my job and all the other 3000 employees at Family Christian Stores(FCS)will be out of a job soon.
We first always believe, that working at FCS was a ministry and will be to the last store is closed. Where we served you, Father.
We where there to serve people in our communities, in their journey of faith with You Father and Jesus.
We poured our hearts and souls into FCS to bring Christ into the hearts of people who walked into the stores.
We prayed, ministered, cried and hugged customers, who came through our doors!
Customers would say, “there is a peace and love in this place, like no other place!”
Some customers would come into the stores and not know why they were there, untill we would speak with them and Father you would always open that door to the customer heart and we would minister to them.
We at FCS know that it is the presence of younFather God in our stores, because we all would pray and invite you Father into our stores.
To most people it’s a job, but to us it was our mission field!

I know and believe that when You Father, close one door; you always open another!
I know that FCS has been a training field for all of us.
Father, when you open our new doors of opportunities, please make those doors big and shiny. So we won’t miss the door in our time of grief.