My Bucket List

You may have heard of a bucket list for when people are dying from incurable disease or for the elderly.

What if I told you about a bucket list for the living. Who was once told you are dying or dead.

I was born dead, told I would never walk, talk, see or hear but I do them all and sing!
I have had 2 open heart surgeries, one in 1975(which My mom was told I would never live and don’t need the surgery). The other open heart surgery in 2005. I have had 3 strokes. I was in an auto accident where I died, broke my back in 2 places, my left leg was so bad the doctors wanted to amputate. I was told I would never walk. I walk and I have my left leg. I have a 17 year old son to which I was told, I would never have a child. I wrote and published my first book “Scrolls From My Heart” by Tabby.

My life is nothing but miracles after miracles from Papa God.
I will admit sometimes doubt and discouragement happens. But when I get back to senses I see the loving hand of Papa God on me.

I am now 47 years old, for 45 years of my life, I have lived to die.
I am starting to learn how to live to live not live to die.
To which we all will one day do.
The question for you will be, will you go to Heaven or Hell; or choice.

Until I go home to Papa God and Jesus, I will share my life to everyone who want to hear.

My Living Bucket List, in no particular order. Some will be on going until I go home to Heaven

~Except this one will always be top of my list and everyday
Share the Gospel of God of Love, God of Grace-Jesus to the hurting world. This one will never be marked off, simply because this will always be on going! It will be marked off when i go home to Heaven!
~Write and published a book- DONE!
~Continue to write more books
~Get in better physical fitness
~Visit every state in USA.
~Visit California, to which it is it own country, lol
~Travel the world
~Act in a movie or tv show
~record me singing both Christian and secular music
~Meet TDJakes
~Meet Joel Osteen
~MeetJoyce Myers
~Meet Real Talk Kim aka Kimberley Jones Pothier
~Meet Oprah
~Meet Dr. Oz
~Be on GMA, CNN, Today Show, FOX News BBC & local stations
~Visit Disney World, last time I was there was when I was 4.
~I would love to meet and sing with the Jackson’s I know sounds crazy. I can see people rolling their eyes! I grew up listening to their music and still listen, oh yes I do!

So dare not to dream
So live to live the life you have been given for the glory of God!
In all things give Praise and Honor to God and Jesus

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I’m tired of less, I want more

I’m tired of less
I want more

I don’t want to be ordinary
I want to be extraordinary

I don’t want to live too live
I want to live with expectations

I don’t want a life of meaningless
I want a life with purpose

I don’t want to be hidden anymore
I want to show the world the light that is in me

I have a life of miracles and healing in me
I want to share with world, the love of Papa God

I want to shine so bright that I have to wear shades

©️Tabby Edwards


Life is Torture

We are walking in a web of deceit
Just trying to crawl out of what Satan has spun
Praying we won’t become his meal for Torture of play
He set his traps for the world to see

Life is Torture
When we serve two masters
We have to choose which one we want
The one that will serve us our wants and desires into sin and death
The one who will give us Peace and Life

Life is Torture
When we are out in the world
Looking behind and looking for rich man’s gold
We are lost
So look within the Scritures to find all the answers

Life is Torture
If you let it be
Just serve only one master
The Heavenly Father
He will give you EverLasting Love

Life is Torture
If you let it be
So do you hear the voices of Satan or Jesus?
Choose the voice of God of Love, God of Grace – Jesus Christ
My Lovely Ones

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