The Struggle

To be Honest:
Sometimes I struggle with this.
I want to lean in on my emotions, which I know that if I do, it will be like a wave up & down. This is not how God & Jesus wants me to be.
Also, I struggle with, do I have too much knowledge of God & Jesus. Does this mean, I’m leaning in on the knowledge of The Bible for my Faith?

This I Know, Believe & Trust(Rest In/on, in My Heart) that Jesus died for me, while I was & still a sinner.
Jesus took the wrath & punishment of God, that I deserve for my sins; to the Cross. By doing this, Jesus substituted his life(Sacrificed),for my life. Jesus atoning work on the Cross, reconciled me to God, but the shedding of the Blood of Jesus.
When Jesus was buried in the grave, God buried my sins there too(So when I came to Faith in Jesus, those sins were buried & forgiven.)
Now that Jesus is Resurrected(which means Jesus walked out of the grave, Alive) in Heaven & seated at the Right Hand of God, I am also seated, the Holy Spirit Living in me.

I do see the changes that God, is doing in my life, my heart & my mind.

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