What Glorious Day!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Today President Donald J. Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! He order the US embassy to move to Jerusalem!

Praise God,

God Bless, Jerusalem!

God Bless, Israel!

God Bless, America!

God Bless, President Donald Trump!

Prophetic Word for America & the World 

The moment that Donald Trump takes the oath of office to be President of the United States of America,
God will release his angles to break every demonic stronghold in America.
Just as a tidal wave rushes the land to over take it and destroy everything in its path,
so will the wave of Godly angles!
God will send in believers that may seem to some that they know nothing about where they going,
but they will be following the will of God to restore America!

America and the World
Look up in the sky
See the Angles of the Lord coming
Like a blaze of flames with their swords drawn
The battle has come and
the Lord God has Won
Are you ready for Revival?
If not that’s ok…
God will ready you Himself

#America #God #GodBlessAmerica