My Identify in Christ Jesus

My Identify in Christ Jesus

Because of the finish work on the Cross, Christ Jesus lives in me and has given me new Life that is in Him, from God Almighty. I know with assurance that I’m the daughter of the Most High God. I have been reborn not of flesh and blood, but by the Blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit of God. I am here to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus to all the world, so they might come to know Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior. When I have finished the work that God himself has pre-planned for my life before the beginning of the foundation of the world, then God will bring me home to live with Him & Jesus for eternity in Heaven!

Jesus is my Heart 

Jesus is my Heart!

Jesus is my Soul!
Jesus use me to show the world your Heart!

I want the world to see Your Love, 

No matter who they are or what they have done!
Jesus Loves 

Jesus Lives inside of me
Jesus can do the same for you 

Accept His Love



God is Calling Out A Remnant

God is sending out an invitation to all believers to walk in His Holy Fire.

Some will accept the invitation with open hearts, while others will not.

The ones who do not accept, will look with awe and enjoy standing by the fire to be warmed but do not want to stand in faith and work with the Holy Spirit. For they are not rooted and strong in Jesus, they are like infants who need milk in a bottle.

For those who will walk with the Holy Fire are called the Remnants. The Remnants are the ones who will be called out to lead America to Revival. Doing great miracles of healing and bringing people back to life, speaking with boldness and power as Jesus said they would!

They are the ones whose hearts are driven by a hunger for inner knowledge of God’s Holy Spirit so they can Glorify him in this world.

Like when God led the Israelites out of Egypt by Fire at night by day cloud of Glory.

The Greatest Revival is coming.


Originally sent as a text to my stepson on   July 3, 2015