You Were Stolen from Me

I made you in thy womb
I know how many hairs are on your head
I counted each of your tiny toes & fingers
I know your smile, like it’s the back of my hand
I know how your eyes light up the world
Your voice is more beautiful than all the angels in Heaven’s court, when you sing

You were stolen from me the day you were born
Oh how I cry and wept for you
My heart has never stopped aching for you
You are my child, I gave birth to you
You look just like me and your brother

Come to me,
I’m Am your true Papa!
I Am Your Papa God
Jesus, my son is your big brother
We long for you to be part of the family!
I don’t care what you have done or said
I’ve made the way for you to come Home
All I want is to hold you and kiss you
I promise I will never let you go!

©Tabby Edwards

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