Let’s Worship God Again, America!

We need to pray for America,
We have enemies pushing in on us.
The demonic are using humans and they don’t know it,
for their eyes have been closed.

We have to pray as King Jehoshaphat and Judah did to God.
We have to ask forgiveness of our own sins as well as America’s sins.
Ask God to bring Revival back to America.

America is weak now, just as Judah was.
We have to pray to God, for strength and wisdom
As we march toward the enemy,

With Songs and Praises to God Almighty!
Saying “Give thanks to the Lord,
for His Love endures forever!”

We speak the Word of God from the Bible and
Believe that Jesus has defeated the enemy on the Cross!

Let’s worship God Again America,
Come back to your 1st Love and that is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

He is waiting….

2 Chronicles 20:1-30

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