Thank You, Lord God

Father God in Heaven,

Thank you for all you do in my life; even when I don’t understand. I know that you are with me always. I also know that You will work out all things because You love me. Thank you for choosing me to be Your child thru Jesus before I knew You! 

I pray that all that I have gone thru and will go thru, will bring Glory & Honor to You alone and never me! I lay my life down and surrender it to You, to do with. 

Father, you are all I want and desire. You I hunger and thirst for! Thank you for providing the bread and water thru Jesus, my God and my Savior.

I pray for all who are hurting in this world. I pray that they know that Jesus came and died on the Cross for their sins. I pray that they know and experience Jesus love for them as I have and continuely do!

Father heal the sick, feed the hungry and turn the wicked back to you!

In Jesus, name


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